Kubernetes & Containers: The Real World Live Training

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Kubernetes & Containers: The Real World Live Training

Michael Levan

Do you need to get your engineers up to speed with using Kubernetes and Containers in the real world for your environment?

If so, they need real-world, practitioner-led training.

What's in It for Your Team

  • Your engineers will learn how to deploy Kubernetes in the most efficient way possible
  • Ensure that the entire team has the knowledge they need to run Kubernetes and handle any issue that's thrown at them.
  • The team will understand the best practices and procedures for running Kubernetes and Containerization on every platform that your environment entails.

What You’ll Get

  • A Kubernetes and containerization TWO DAY (16 hours in total) live training.
  • Hands-on labs throughout the training (over 20 labs).
  • Two Kubernetes best practice guides.

Course Outline

✅ All things Day Zero, Day One, and Day Two for Kubernetes.

✅ All things Day Zero, Day One, and Day Two for containers.

✅ How to apply what you learn in the real world.

1. Day Zero Ops

  • Security fundamentals
  • Planning
  • Kubernetes architecture
  • Creating best practices for your team
  • Understanding which tools and platforms to use

2. Day One Ops

  • Cluster deployments
  • Application deployments
  • GitOps
  • Helm
  • Cost and resource optimization

3. Day Two Ops

  • Security
  • Monitoring
  • Observability
  • Service Mesh
  • Orchestration management

See What People Are Saying About Michael Levan's Training

The Instructor, Michael Levan, Explained The Key Concepts Without Overwhelming Us. Good Pace And Well Done!

"I really found value in your content as compared to others. It is really helpful for people and your followers. Very much appropriate. Thank you for all of your efforts."

"Really like your content. Some of the best and most digestible Kubernetes content on LinkedIn"

"I really enjoyed reading your stuff and it helps to clarify some confusing topics. Thanks!"

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