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Quality Code with Go

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Quality Code with Go

Michael Levan
3 ratings

Take a book on learning how to write Go code and add in the mindset of test-driven development the fun way. When you read a book or watch a course, it's a great accomplishment. You're learning how to not only write code but hopefully finding yourself emerge into real-world examples.

The idea of writing code is one thing, but training your mind to write it in a way that thinks quality first is another. Quality Code with Go takes the idea of learning how to write Go code + diving into all the different ways to test code with an emphasis on Azure and AWS SDK's.

Quality Code with Go isn't a lecture or theory on testing and code quality, it's a fully hands-on, immersive experience on how to have *fun* writing quality code.

Lean Published

After each chapter is written and edited, it will be published. Lean publishing means if you buy the book when chapter 1 is written, you get the rest of the book completely free. If you buy the book when chapter 5 is written, the same rules apply, you get the rest of the book plus the prior chapters free.


Chapter 1 - A Brief Introduction to Go

Chapter 2 - Your Development Environment 

Chapter 3 - Consistent Code

Chapter 4 - Testing in Go

Chapter 5 - Docker and Go

Chapter 6 - Static Code Analysis and Linting

Chapter 7 - Documenting Code

Chapter 8 - Go and The Azure SDK: Project Time


Is this a beginner-level book?

There is a chapter on getting started with Go, but it isn't exactly a "Getting Started" book. It's more along the lines of "okay, you've read a Go book or viewed a Go course, now let's take it a step further.

What types of apps does this book cover?

No app in-particular. It's not a book for creating the new Twitter. It's a book on taking code you want to write, but with a "code quality" mindset.

Will we see cloud technologies in this book?

Yep, Azure and AWS. A big part of what developers see today is cloud development. Technologies like Pulumi make writing code for the cloud easier.

What's the return policy?

When you ask for a refund, you get the full refund, taxes and all. The only thing I ask is that if you do refund, tell me why. That way I can make the book better. Remember, because I'm doing lean publishing, I can go in and change it any time I need to.

Can I reach out to you about the book?

Absolutely! I'm here to help. Feel free to reach out to me any time on Twitter and we can chat. At TheNJDevOpsGuy

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A one-stop-shop for not only learning Go, but learning how to embrace quality code the fun way.

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